Your body is amazing; it will fix itself if you help it by moving correctly.

When you have pain your body will adapt the way it moves to negate the pain you feel, but this ‘correction’ takes you further away from correct joint alignment which in turn can lead to more problems. When all the joints in the body are optimally aligned we call this being ‘centred’.

With AiM™ we work to remove the cause of the problem, creating an environment for the body to heal itself. A lot of practitioners will treat the pain that you have which will bring you relief for a brief period but often the pain will return.  With Anatomy in Motion™ we talk to you, we find out about your history of injuries, operations or anything we can think of between us to try and work out what is actually causing the pain. Then we work on a way to change the patterns in your movement that are keeping you away from ‘centre’.

All my 1:1 Coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs, and incorporate AiM techniques to help your body move the way it is designed to move in order to free you from pain.

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