Rehabilitation is a term that people generally associate with recovery after an injury or an operation. What many people don’t realise is that rehabilitation is also used to help people get out of pain when there may not be an obvious cause.


Many people live with pain on a daily basis. Simply put - pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something somewhere is not as it should be.

By analysing the way you move, I can find out a lot about what might be causing your pain. And the route cause of your pain may not always be in the same area as the pain is presenting. For example; back pain may arise as a result of a pelvis mis-alignment. In which case, the issue with the pelvis must be addressed in order to reduce your pain.

As a certified Foundation Training instructor and an Anatomy in Motion (AiM) and Functional Range Conditioning practitioner, I can help you change the way you move, make sure your body is working as efficiently as possible, and decreasing your potential for pain.

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