I have worked with Anthony for 7 years and over that time he has helped me move and feel better. Some of my movement was limited due to a foot issue from when I was a young child. Together we worked on improving the mobility of the foot, which improved my running speed, as well as my enjoyment of it!
I also had a shoulder issue which caused me pain when putting on a top or my coat. By improving my posture and working on exercises to balance out the muscles around my shoulders, the pain eased and my mobility improved drastically.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anthony to anyone who struggles with painful or limited movement, or poor posture.
— Jess

Anthony worked with me using Foundation Training to overcome a long standing back and pelvis problem and underlying weakness. I had one-to-one sessions with Anthony and found myself getting stronger and with less pain almost immediately, and I was able to use the positions and stretches in between sessions to help myself. I’m stronger, spend less at the chiropractor and it gave me a kick start to getting fitter overall. Anthony is knowledgeable, great to work with, and I’d highly recommend him. 
— Rosie
Anthony trained me for over 2 years and he was brilliant.  Every session was different and varied and he tailored them to suit a particular sporting injury I have.  He gets the perfect balance of fun and challenge and each workout left me feeling really good (and tired)! 

He also did quite a few Foundation exercises with me which were terrific and really helped with my posture and loosening up those tense muscles!
— Lara

I started working with Anthony over 5 years ago, using him for personal training each week. Anthony tailored a programme to suit my fitness level, non-existent at that stage, and then built on it to include kettle bells, boxing, balance, core and strengthening work. When I became pregnant, due to Anthony’s pre and postnatal qualifications, I was able to continue training throughout my pregnancy which I am sure was beneficial to me in terms of keeping me active and aided my body in dealing with childbirth. Following the birth I went to Anthony’s buggy fit classes and then resumed personal training. I have found Anthony to be professional but with a very friendly manner and encouraging approach. Anthony has always tailored my training to suit me and is very good at getting you to achieve more than you thought you would without you realising it!
— Suzanne